Want To Discover The Missing Manifestation Process That Will Propel You Towards Your Highest-Self Faster Than Ever Before?


No matter how or why you've found this page... I wanted to thank you. The simple fact that you’re reading these lines means that I have succeeded....


You probably know me as Ella, the mindset coach on YouTube helping ambitious Women manifest the highest version of themselves and become the happier healthier glamorous Gal they know they really are. But the truth is it didn’t start like this. You see it took me years to learn how to unlock my confidence and not give a f*ck what people thought of me. And, it’s been a truly amazing experience. But if there's one thing I've learnt from these past few years it’s this. All these bright, smart, Women who watch my content have exactly ONE thing in common: They wanted to create their own bad ass life like me – truly. 


And if there's only one thing I truly believe in life it's this: 




Let me tell you exactly why I am so passionate about Mindset and Manifestation…..


A few years ago, my life was a complete mess… I had dropped out of school, most of my weeks I was drinking heavily to avoid the pain. Whenever I wasn’t drinking, I was severely depressed and had crushing anxiety.  


Whenever I would talk to people, I would be seriously insecure and afraid of what they thought of me


Eventually, my anxiety started to get so bad that I developed a skin disease because my body was stuck in a stressed 24/7 state. I felt like I was trapped and that there was no way to get out. I felt like I was a complete and utter failure. Then one day I got a glimpse of hope. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday... 


On one Thursday afternoon, I was handed a book called "Feel the fear and do it anyway" by my brother… I was completely blown away. Up until that point, I had no idea personal development even existed. At that moment I became instantly OBSESSED!! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off every page and I finished the book in little over a day….


My mind had been blown away. Up until that point, I thought it was impossible for people to change and that some people were born lucky and others weren’t. At that moment I made a promise to myself that I was going to do whatever it took to become my truest best self.


I started reading more books, meditating, and watching anything I could find online about personal development and manifestation. 


It started off slowly. But Then, Things Started To Change…

My Friends Laughed When They Found Out I Was Trying To Use the Law of Attraction…But Then It Started to Work.


Pretty soon I started to notice results.  


Once I learned how to dial in my mindset to being the person I wanted to become... The world started to work with me instead of against me. 


Everything in my life became easier. I was happier getting in the best shape I'd ever been in and my Confidence started to go through the roof. 


I started to walk and feel differently because my entire being had made a radical shift. I was no longer the person I used to be, I had started to cultivate a deep love inside me that started to radiate out to the world.  


People started to take notice. By learning to radically shift my thoughts, being and actions I stepped into a totally different world.  


Shortly after, I decided to follow my dreams and focus on YouTube full time because I knew my true calling was to help other girls like me become the bad ass gal they know they are. So I created my YouTube channel and moved across the world to Toronto YOLO .. Then the most incredible thing happened… 


My videos started to get thousands of views, I started to get thousands of subscribers and almost every single day I was getting messages and DM’s from Women all over the world thanking me for teaching them how to become their best selves. 

Here is the number one thing people don’t know about the law of attraction. 


One thing that really makes me sad is that a lot of people think they know how manifestations work but the truth is they really don’t.


If you’ve tried and failed, to use the Law of Attraction before it’s not your fault, it’s because you didn’t know how to use what I like to call the Combined Law and it’s a BIG PART what I'm going to teach you today. It’s sadly the most overlooked and critical part of manifesting your truest highest self. Yet, some people are lucky…


And are born with a naturally high, unconscious, awareness of how to use these Combined Laws. They seem to attract what they want in life effortlessly without much effort. This drove me crazy because I used to think Success and Confidence were never for me and that I just wasn’t born lucky. But that was not true at all…


Once I learned how to dial into the Combined laws everything changed. The truth is nobody is born unsuccessful, it's just that some people learn to use the Combined Laws WITHOUT EVEN REALISING IT..


Resulting in them cultivating their truest self effortlessly and living life fearlessly! The most successful and confident people in the world use the Combined Laws without even realizing it. It is the not well known missing link for how manifestation is supposed to work.  Seriously, I know it sounds crazy, but once you try it, you will be shocked at the results as was I.


I find it quite sad that most people don’t know about it. Think of turning the dial on an analog radio to tune into a radio station, say 94.6 FM but your success is at 103.8FM… 


If you’re off by even the smallest amount, you won’t pick up the signal. It’s the same with trying to attract your highest self. The Combined laws are learning to dial in correctly to your highest self. 


Once you learn to use the combined law connecting yourself to your true higher self everything changes. You are going to be walking, talking, and feeling like a completely new person…


I am going to be getting you crystal clear dialling into your true badass higher-self. Learning to use the not well known Combined Law change’s everything. 


I guarantee you once you learn how to use the manifestation techniques, Goal getting strategies and high vibration cheat sheets I will show you today….


Manifesting Your True Best Self will Become Easier than Ever. 



After hundreds of DM’s and emails from other Women asking me if I had a course I knew it was time to create the Goal Getter Mindset Academy.


The reason I created the Goal Getter mindset is so that other girls like myself don’t have to go through years of learning and trial and error to manifest their higher selves. I wanted them to be able to do it in just a few short weeks. 


I wish someone showed me the Goal Getter Mindset ten years ago…


The truth about manifesting your highest self is it’s easy when you know how to do it right and it's incredibly frustrating and painful when you don’t know.


The Goal Getter Mindset is my most raw and cutting edge content that you won’t find anywhere else online. I want to give you the “missing link” in manifestation.


Learning to step into your Highest Self is effortless when you know what to do and exactly how to do it. I am going to be diving deep into how transformations truly work.


Let me save you years of your life and allow me to give you more breakthroughs in the next 5 weeks than I had in the past 5 years. 


Once you apply all the “missing links” in manifestation I am going to show you stepping into your best self will be easier than you could possibly imagine. 

100+ thriving Goal Getter Mindset Students & Counting!



"I cannot believe the impact the Academy has had on my life so far! Learning about breaking out of old paradigms and creating new ones has been the most eye opening for me. Changing that statement and telling myself that actually I’m not bad at something, was done through the affirmations you provided; reminding myself that not only am I intelligent but I can apply myself to any subject and be successful in it. I’m now studying biomedical science at university and passed my first year exams with a 90%! Throughout the academy I have also been trying to attract abundance into my life, something I never believed possible before! I started using your money affirmations; putting them up on my wall and even photoshopping my bank account. Within 3 weeks I manifested the exact figure of money I had intended completely out of the blue! I think that was a big turning point for me, actually receiving something I had manifested, I was blown away! Thanks to the academy I truly see both myself and the world a lot differently."



"I really loved completing the Goal Getter Mindset Academy and Ella’s authentic and raw art of teaching is super powerful. The course honestly didn’t even feel like a ‘course’ but more like your best friend chatting with you and giving you great advice. The course has a great structure and the material was very easy to understand and relatable due to the way Ella presented it. Since finishing the course, I have become more confident and determined to follow my dreams and finally have the tools to do so. Thank you so much, Ella, for creating this amazing and very affordable course!"



So let me show you what my 6 week Goal Getter Academy is all about…

Week 1


Removing The Hidden Force That Has Been Holding You Back


Week 2


Defining Your World And Tapping Into Your True Transformational New Paradigm


Week 3


Removing Energy Vampires And Attract The Friends You Truly Deserve 


Week 4


Mastering The Morning To Master Your Life 


Week 5


Your Path To True Lasting Change & the Combined Laws

Week 6


 The 12 Laws of the Universe


Week 7


How to Overcome the Ego Trap and Live in the Present Moment

Week 1: Removing The Hidden Force That Has Been Holding You Back


First, I am going to show you the hidden force that has been holding you back for far too long and how to snap out of its grips once and for all. 


The reason this module is so powerful is that once you learn what has been holding you back you will NEVER EVER be held back by it again. 


I wanted this powerful module to be the very first you experience because it removes all the obstacles people face when making manifestations possible. 


Once you remove the internal chains to true manifestation you will find that you will start getting pulled towards your new reality faster and easier than ever before. 


This module alone contains one of the most powerful and raw manifestation principles that I actually considered to make it into its own course. 


This module is the most critical factor when it comes to creating permanent manifestation because it gets you internally aligned straight towards being your true self. 


During this week I will get you:


1. Removing all of the hidden forces that have secretly been holding you back all along. 


2. Getting you to tap into your manifestations so they grow and become stronger and stronger every single day.


3. Doing exercises that are designed to get you pulled into your manifestations so change comes faster than ever before.


This module alone is the number 1# factor to true lasting manifestations because it makes change become ten times easier. 

Week 2: Defining Your World And Tapping Into Your True Transformational New Paradigm


After I remove the chains that have been holding you back in week 1 the second week is going to be where the real magic happens. 


I am going to be getting you to map out your manifestations and show you how to craft a crystal clear path to get to it.


 Then I am going to get tapping into the breathtaking power of your subconscious mind and aligning you straight towards true manifestation and permanent change. 


Once you complete week 2 you will be intentionally aligning to your true self and eagerly propelling yourself towards your true transformation. 


After you complete the first and second week your thoughts, being, and actions will become truly aligned with your new self-image forcing your new world and transformation to form faster than ever before.


During This Week I Will Get You: 


1. Crafting and defining your brand new world and being. 


2. Then I will get you tapping into the limitless power of your subconscious mind so you are aligned to this new reality. 


3. Then I will get you bringing this new world into reality faster and easier than ever before. 

Week 3: Removing Energy Vampires And Attract The Friends You Truly Deserve 


Your friends and family play a huge role in your life.


 Learning to deal with toxic or negative individuals plays a huge part in creating transformations that work. 


If you want your transformations to truly work you need to remove the people who are sucking the energy out of you and pulling you down often making you feel angry and negative.


If you spend a lot of time with constantly negative unhappy people, it’s going to bring you down. 


I’m going to be getting you rooting out the individuals that have been secretly holding you back.

Negative and toxic individuals are probably holding you back and you don’t even realize it.


When you fall back into old friends you fall back into your old ways.


 Learning to get into a brand new tribe that lifts you up and inspires you is the main way to make transformations fun and easy. 


There is huge value in placing yourself within positive environments, surrounded by people that lift your spirits and motivate you to be the best person that you can be.


During This Week I Will Get You:


1. Defining the new tribe that will inspire and lift you up. 


2. Removing the people that have been holding you back and sucking your energy dry. 


3. Bring your new self into the world and attract the tribe that speaks true to your new being.

Week 4: Mastering The Morning To Master Your Life 


Have you ever felt like you have no control over your day?


You go to bed with the intention of crushing it the next day but when morning comes you roll over, groan, and hit the snooze button a bunch of times…


And then the rest of the day is full of reactive situations that you barely feel you have a handle on…


Does this sound familiar?


Well good because by the end of this week I will be getting you mastering every single morning without fail or effort. 


Want to know why a full week is dedicated to creating a powerful morning routine?


Because when you master the morning you align your entire day for success. 


And, when your entire day is aligned for success it's very hard not to be successful.


When you create a morning routine you become centered, controlled, and powerful. Morning routines provide a way to feel accomplished and reach new levels of success…


 There’s a reason why so many successful individuals claim a morning routine is a big part of their success because it works. 


Every morning I am going to be getting you priming your day for success with meditations, visualizations, and exercises that fire you up excited to take on your day.


During This Week I Will Get You:


1. Kickstarting your mindset every morning to power through the day for success.


2. Filling up your mornings with powerful habits that make you feel alive and excited to take on your day. 


3. Setting out your intentions for the day so you accomplish your goals faster than ever before. 

Week 5: Your Path To True Lasting Change


In this week, I am going to show you the most advanced, secret and powerful manifestations laws I know.


I like to call this module the combined laws, they are my most closely guarded manifestations secret laws that I have only shared with my closest friends.


This module is the “missing link” I have been talking about because when applied it forces every aspect of your being, beliefs, and actions to become tuned towards your highest self and desires.


I am going to be teaching you to radically increase your vibrations out to the universe so it will fulfill your deepest desires. 


Once you apply these combined laws you will start noticing and begin tapping into powerful messages from the universe guiding you towards your desires. 


You will begin to tap into massive vibrational frequencies you weren’t aware of that will then grow stronger and stronger until they manifest right in front of your eyes. 


During This Week I Will Get You:


1. I am going to get your desires deeply aligned with the most powerful laws of the universe.


2. Learning how to see your manifestations as they begin to appear right before your eyes. 


3. Then I will get you tapping into the raw power of the universe so you begin to experience your manifestations exactly as you planned them out.




Week 6: Tapping Into The 12 Laws Of The Universe And Life


When most people think of the laws of the universe they think of the law of attraction…


But the truth is there are far more laws dictating our lives than people realise, in total I have found 12 laws that dictate everything in the universe and life. 


When I discovered the 12 laws it changed everything. I started to get crazy ahha moments one after the other and after this I started to see signs from the universe guiding me to my manifestations just as I had visualised them. 


In the final week of the Academy I’m going to show you the 12 fundamental laws of the universe so that there is no guessing left in manifesting your highest self. 


Once you learn the 12 laws, you will begin to see why most people fail at manifestation because if you are unaware of these laws it will hold you back to fulfilling your manifestations.


The combined laws are only three of the laws of the universe I believe they are the most important but once you realise all of the laws stepping into your highest self becomes a roadmap not a guessing game. 


Learning and applying the 12 laws shows you how to master life in any area you undertake in life;


 The 12 laws govern everything you can see, hear and touch around you; they are the building blocks of life!!! 


Learning to tap into all 12 laws will give you an unfair advantage because there is no longer a guessing game with manifestations. 



During This Week I Will Get You:


1.Learning to see and spot all the common obstacles to manifestation. 


2.Getting you perfectly aligned with every single law of the universe. 


3.Getting you Stepping out into the world every single day with a perfect roadmap to truly manifesting your highest self. 



Week 7: How to Overcome the Ego Trap and Live in the Present Moment


When most people think of the word Ego they think of people who are full of themselves...


But the truth is the EGO is that bratty voice in your head pulling you down. The Ego is never satisfied and always wants more.


This can leave everyone a little or a LOT of the time exhausted. Constantly chasing this false illusion of "I'll be happy WHEN..."


The big "WHEN". The Ego delays our gratification and is never satisfied in the present moment. Leaving us feeling upset, sad, ungrateful and exhausted because we are always living in the future and we don't realise that our life is simply passing us by.


In week 7 I teach you how to start living in the present moment and out of your mind. I give you the tools to get rid of the "I'll be happy when" syndrome and truly enjoy and fall in love with your life whilst striving for greatness. 


Because who doesn't want the best of both worlds am I right?



During This Week I Will Get You:


1.Learning to see and spot when the Ego is talking vs the Intuition


2.How to be satisfied with Life right now whilst striving for more (as this is the key to Manifestation)


3.Getting you out of your mind and into the present moment

Today Is The Day You Decide.


The version of you that wakes up tomorrow, is dependent on the actions you take today.


I can't do this for you… I've done my part… I've put together the most amazing, ground-breaking, and jam packed program I could to tap into and become the truest and deepest version of yourself…


But it's up to you to take action.


It's up to you to define your own destiny…


It's up to you to take advantage of the principles and guides that are right here in front of you, right now...


You alone have the power to radically transform every single area of your life I can only show you how.


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4: Morning Routine Checklist 


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